Baby in the Bottle

I would have been a healthy child given the chance to be born. To couples yearning to bear a child, I could have been a sweet little angel!

But I was unfortunate! I was an unborn child suffering in great anguish and pain in the abyss of eternal damnation. I was conceived out of sin by two young lustful souls.

The first time news came out a famous young actress was pregnant, Eva M. readily knew she was the subject of that particular blind item. She denied it when in a television show queried for her comment.

“Please, I’m not pregnant!” she said indignantly and seemingly exasperated. “Just look at my flat tummy!”

She had all the reasons in the world to defend herself. Apparently, she got knocked down by over-fatigue, prompting her doctor to issue the advice for her to slow down a bit and get herself some rest. Was it quite difficult to understand why she cancelled her commitments?

But I can attest to the truth. Eva M. was already four months pregnant! If not for her tight girdle, the truth would have been all too obvious.

During her intimate moments with Daniel P., so many plans were hatched. Eva M. said she was ready to turn her back from show business if and when Daniel P. marries her.

On Daniel P.’s part, at the right time he would. He was so confident he could support Eva M. with his earnings in show business. He would continue to work hard, sharpen his craft and be hailed as a great actor.

They were able to keep that a secret, their adoring fans had no inkling of it. But not for long. For in show business, no secret could ever be kept under wraps for long. Sometime or the other, it will come out in the open, there’s no way it will not. Their gay manager was hysterical when he learned about it.

“Why did you do such a thing?” he raised his voice.
Daniel yelled at him.

“Shut up! You have no right to meddle into our affairs. It’s our lives – we’ll take care of ourselves!”

“I made you! I made you! This is how you repay me? You’ll be sorry for this! Ingrates!”

Their manager made good his threat. The following day, news spread like wild fire a certain actress was impregnated by an actor under the same manager!

Eva M. and Daniel P. on reading the blind item became frantic. To save their faces from the impending scandal, Daniel P. thought of something sinister and dastardly – abort me! I listened intently and helplessly of their evil plot.

“That son of a bitch!” Daniel P. was fuming mad at their manager. “We’ll see who’s really going to be sorry in the end!”
“Do you think our decision is right, love? Oh, what are we going to do now!”

Eva M. was worried and confused.

“Why not? There’s nothing we should be afraid of. Our fans will be behind us, come hell or high water, they swear they would be. They won’t believe that double-faced son of a bitch!”

If only I could do something. I wanted to make them feel my resentment. I opposed and condemned their sinister evil plan. I moved in the womb of Eva M. But she ignored my plea. Not like before. Sometimes, she even took Daniel P.’s hand to hold her belly and feel me.

Daniel P. wasn’t at all contented doing just that. He would lower his head and listen to my pulse. And my heart hammered with joy!
Soon they left for the United States apparently for a much needed vacation. But don’t others do the same whenever they try to hide something? Their sudden departure puzzled their fans.

Showbiz writers were intrigued. Yet prior to boarding the plane, they allowed themselves to be interviewed by a reporter of a top rated showbiz program in the number one television network.
When queried about the blind item, Eva M. reacted furiously.

“Whoever is spreading that rumor, mark my word: Better get ready when I come back! I will make you eat all the trash you said about me! “

Eva M. and Daniel P. suspected it was their erstwhile manager’s ruse.

I wanted to cry for being helplessly dragged into their mess. All I wanted is to live. But there’s nothing I could do. My life was in their hands. They could do everything they pleased. I could not assert my right to be born.

Eva M. and Daniel P. did not waste time. In the States, Daniel P. right away scouted for an abortionist. In the Philippines, this person could just be anyone enterprising. Out there, the person who performs the same has to be a licensed medical practitioner. There’s the difference!

“For a fee of one thousand dollars, I will accede to your wish,” the medic replied.

Daniel P. nodded.


For the last time, I moved again in the womb of Eva M. Maybe, just maybe, I could change her mind at the last minute.

“Have mercy on me, please! “ I sobbed in my little corner. “ I beg of you, let me live!”

My plea fell on deaf ears. For Eva M., the dye was cast, there was no turning back for her now. I could no longer feel her tender loving care and warmth caress. She had completely turned into cold stone!

No more sweet enchanting lullaby that are music to my ears and soothing whispers to put me in slumber.

“Why did you agree so quickly? The price is too exorbitant!” Eva M. exclaimed.

“Sweety pie. What’s a thousand bucks? It’s just the icing of the cake compared to your talent fee in just one movie!”

Eva M. was having second thoughts. She looked through the window. Her thoughts traveled very far. Daniel P. noticed the look in her eyes. He stood behind her. After sometime, he embraced Eva M.

“Don’t worry. I assure you. We’ll have kids someday!” Daniel P. whispered.

Kids someday? What about me? Don’t I have also the right to be born? Am I conceived to be doomed?
I delivered the greatest kick of my life Eva M. could ever imagine, it is a sign of my protest. Eva M. writhed in pain.

The coming of every newborn child is a blessing to the family. This is a common folk belief among Filipinos. But in my case, I am cursed forever! I could not believe the man who planted the seed of life into the womb of my own mother turned out to be the Herod of my life!

He was my own executioner!

I virtually accepted my fate. Maybe, I was not worthy to be born. I crossed my tiny fingers and hope God would never let them commit the same sin again.

For the skilled medic, the process did not take long. Murdering me was so quick and easy. Daniel P. was not contented. He had me placed in a glass container. I wondered if he had the conscience to call it a “souvenir.”

Daniel P.’s having the temerity to wish to know about the fetus’ gender is simply beyond me! No sign of remorse could be seen in his face. This man with an angelic face had put my fate into his hands. He sentenced me to death!

It was he, not God, who denied me the right to be born!

“It’s a boy!” the medic replied as he tried to remove his gloves. This, after immersing me in a bottle of formalin.

One month thereafter, they were back home. Showbiz writers and reporters gathered around them on their arrival at the airport. Eva. M. shouted to the whole world there was no truth to the rumor she was pregnant when she and Daniel P. left for the States.

Show business was a small world, though. In a party she and Daniel P. attended, Eva M. came face to face with her former manager.

“You son of a bitch!”

She slapped her former manager. Not satisfied, she cursed him. The words were really unprintable. Eva M. deliberately did this in front of many reporters. Daniel P. stood watching.

When the former manager regained his composure, he retorted back.

“I know all of your secrets! You are nothing but a sweety hypocrite! You are ruined! You are now a has been!”

Eva M. took the challenge. She accepted an offer to make a horror film. She wanted to prove to herself she was least affected by all the negative publicity. As a condition, she requested Daniel P. to be her leading man in this movie.

The movie needed some gimmick. Eva M.’s supposed pregnancy again became the talk of tinsel town.

“No comment!” Eva M. replied.

There were times Eva M. would stare at me in the bottle. During those moments, I wondered if she and Daniel P. felt any guilt for what they had done. For a long time now, I had been mercifully pleading for justice.

I started to make my presence felt. I haunted Eva M. in her dreams. She would see me crying and screaming in terror. In her nightmare, I looked more hideous than the evil child in her movie!

My vengeance was all out, it had no equal in its severity!

Now, she needed sleeping pills to enable her to sleep. Just when her movie was about to be shown, news broke out Eva M. was being possessed by an evil spirit!

Daniel P. was enraged. Eva M. had to stop her foolishness or suffer the consequences.

“What gimmick are you trying to do? Do you want reporters to dig up our closet? Do you realize what will happen to our movie career once they discover our dark secret? No producer will ever hire us again!” Daniel P. shouted.

“I don’t care! I don’t give a damn anymore! Our baby, Daniel. He’s scaring me to death! Can’t you understand?”

“Stop it! You’re just being emotional!”

“Then get lost. Get lost you, bastard!”

Daniel P. disappeared.

Eva M. looked at me in the bottle once more. Terror gripped her whole body. In her eyes, she saw me smiling sweetly. In her mind, she knew how pleased I was to hear them quarreling!

he came close to me. She held me in her arms. She was in tears.

“I’m sorry, my baby. I’m sorry!”

Shocking stories came out with respect to the movie. One reporter said a black dwarf was apparently hounding Eva M. in her condominium!

That was not all. News spread around Eva M. invited her favorite priest to bless her unit. One reporter even went as far as saying her unit was now a haven of evil spirits!


These damned movie reporters would do all kinds of gimmicks they could cook-up to fool the public. Just to make sure the movie they are promoting would hit it big and rake millions of pesos at the box office.

In my lonely grave inside the bottle, I cried again for justice. When will I ever rest in peace? And most of all, when will I ever see the glory of God?

Was there no end to my suffering? Would I be totally buried in oblivion? If justice fails, is there no hope for conscience to prevail?
Hi! hi! hi!

As if Eva M. heard my indecent laughter, she stared at me inside the bottle once more. Evil laughter was familiar in her movie!
How about Daniel P.?

That pig and slayer of an innocent angel! He was unperturbed. Film critics admired his acting prowess. Many predicted he would run with the best actor plum in the next awards derby.

At last!

This is the moment he has been waiting for. To earn the accolade of the movie going public! More importantly, the nod of respected movie directors. Daniel P. had instantly become a celebrity in his own right, the object of envy among his peers who have been invited during the sneak preview of the film.

They were all one in saying, A star is born!

In his latest movie, he was the knight in shining armor who saved Eva M. from the forces of darkness. He was the Archangel Michael who crushed Lucifer with his sword!

But nothing could change my mind from calling him Herod! He had totally forgotten me. Ever since the soulless medic killed me, never had I received even a short prayer of deliverance nor an offer of a small lighted candle at the church altar to guide my path in the abyss of darkness!

If only they could hear my plea for justice! In this horrible place, many unborn children like me weep for justice. No mother could stand the wailing of the innocents!

Conscience was my only hope of redemption in my enconcement in this eternal place of damnation. For conscience is a mighty weapon.

I am the dark secret lurking in the subconscious mind of Daniel P., determined to resurface in the heart of this wicked man. No amount of pretensions could ever suppress the truth.

I embody the truth!

My damning laughter was enough to awaken him.

“Stop pestering us!” Daniel P. appeared crazy as he covered his face. A nightmare…!

I finally resurrected in his dreams!

It had the makings of another big news and it invariably stirred the imagination of none-too-few reporters. They said it was Daniel P.’s turn to be possessed by an evil spirit!

But some reporters were not convinced. They believed it was a cheap gimmick to boast the movie. It would be more convincing to say Daniel P. was a drug user! And it was all hallucination!

Fear gripped the movie producer. She imagined what would happen and perspired as negative thoughts besieged her mind.
What if this movie would fail, courtesy of so many gimmicks and negative publicity being written about its leading stars? If indeed her intuition was right, where in this world would she be able to recover all the money she invested?

“Let’s show it once and for all before fans get tired of rumors and stories they read!” she said frantically referring to the movie.
“One last gimmick, mother,” the gay director of the film said. “ I have a good idea. Let’s hold a press conference for the movie. Invite reporters to cover the event.”

“Then, what are you waiting for?

Proceed with your plan!”

As expected, the press conference was well-attended. It was held in an expensive Chinese restaurant in China town. The two leading stars were bombarded with a welter of questions.

But it was the old issue about Eva M. being pregnant which the reporters were most interested. Not the movie per se!

Everybody feasted with nasty questions and innuendos about her dark secret. All of them with no exemptions are nothing but centurions who threw away Eva M. into the lion’s den.

Poor woman!

Eva M., faced her tormentors helplessly. She would never forget this day in her life. For today, is a day of reckoning. She owes it to her adoring fans and the public to tell the truth. Nothing but the truth!

While everybody took turn throwing garbage of questions to the leading lady of the movie, nobody paid any attention of the black plastic bag in front of Eva M. They never had any inkling what was inside. It was me! I was there all along smiling sweetly, listening silently.

Eva M. could no longer ignore the issue as well as the guilt haunting her conscience. This was the moment she had feared. But she was ready now. She picked up the microphone. Without batting an eyelash, she faced the reporters straight.

“That’s true! Are you happy now? What else do you want…evidence? Here…see for yourself!”

She dramatically held and raised the big plastic bag. Then took me out. I was flaunted in front of the reporters for everyone to witness. The reporters were shocked at what they saw. Commotion followed. Cameras flashed, all focused on me.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” one reporter queried.

“A boy,” Daniel P. replied.

“And you are the father?”

“Yes, of course!”

Daniel P. tried to hide his disgust.

More questions ensued. Producer and director were about ready to collapse. It was too late for them to realize the press conference had better be terminated.

“This is my baby! My baby! Oh, God, please forgive me!”

Eva M. embraced me tightly. She appeared as if she was out of her mind.

Daniel P. readily came to her side. He avoided the microphones. The guards quickly escorted them to the nearest exit and led them to a room and shut the door from the reporters.

At that precise moment, a miracle was also happening in the abyss of eternal darkness! A blinding heavenly light flashed upon the innocent souls in the abyss. We all rejoiced!

Suddenly I was engulfed by the mysterious light. I was lifted up and could no longer hear the weeping of the other innocent souls wailing for justice. Instead, I heard sweet voices singing praises to the Almighty one.

At last! The mercy of God was upon me!

And from the abyss, the gates of heaven opened before me. I was mesmerized! I could not believe what I had witnessed.

Cherubs garbed in pure white were there before me. White clouds enveloped me. Among the cherubs were angels playing harp and other musical instruments, singing and dancing joyously to welcome me!

One of the angels lifted and carried me up gently in her bosom while multitude of angels escorted me leading to the mighty throne of the Almighty one.

As we usher towards the mighty throne, ecstasy becomes my twin-brother! #


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