Vietnam! Vietnam!

by Juan S.P. Hidalgo, Jr.

Vietnam! Vietnam!
Vietnam! Ayyyyyy..
ti sangit dagiti ubbing!
Pinisangda ti puso
ti lubong!
Iti pagbabakalan
um-umkisda nga agsapul
kadagiti amma ken kakabsatda.
Ay, pimmusingen dagiti takiag
a nangtagibi kadakuada!
Vietnam! Vietnam!
Vietnam! Saan laeng
a bagi ken pusom
ti pinungtil dagiti garamugam:
Rinagasragasdan, wen! dagiti
sabong ti kararuam! Ayyyyyy..

Vietnam! Vietnam!
Translated by the Poet

Vietnam! Vietnam!
Vietnam! Ayyyyyy..
the cry of children!
They rend the heart
of the world!
In the battlefields
they scream in search
of their fathers and brothers.
Ay, gone are the arms
that nurtured them!
Vietnam! Vietnam!
Vietnam! Not only
your body and heart
have the greedy sundered;
they have also ripped to pieces, yes, the
flowers of your soul! Ayyyyyy..


(Posted with permission from the author.)
Bannawag, Mayo 19, 1975
Pamulinawen, Dandaniw, 1949-1975, Jose A. Bragado ken Benjamin M. Pascual, eds. Metro Manila: GUMIL Filipinas, c1976), p. 134
Read by the late poet Leonides Benesa, with the English translation, during the Southeast Asian Poetry Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1979. Later translated into Bahasa Indonesia and published in book form, with other poems.


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