• Literary Awards:

  • 1.


Third Prize in Short-Story Iluko Writing       Gabriel Tugade Awards for Iluko Literature   April 2006

Fourth Prize in Iluko Poetry Writing             Reynald F. Antonio Awards for Iluko Literature     April 2006

President’s Award in Literature         Ilocano Writers Assoc. Metro Mla.     Dec. 12, 2004

Certificate of  Merit                              Andel Barroga Awards for Literature April 17, 2004

U.P. National Writing Fellow    U.P.
Center                            1996

Writing Fellow                          Assoc. of Writers Involved In                                                            Creating Cultural Alternatives                                                                        (WICCA)                                            1995Research Fellow                                   University of the
Philippines                               1993
Certificate of Recognition as    Dean’s Lister, AY 1991-1992          U.P. Coll. of Public Administration                    1992Most  Outstanding U.P. Supervisor       University of the
Philippines                  1991 & 1992
Plaque of Recognition as a Writer         Le Grande Publishing, Inc.                                1998U.P. Oblation Award for Services    Rendered as P.R.O. of  the U.P.    Supervisors Assoc. since 1991         U.P. Supervisors Association                            2000Scholar                                     U.P. Supervisors Association                            1990Cum laude                                           Immaculate Heart of Mary College                    1975Automatic Conferment of    Civil Service Eligibilities    Pursuant to P.D. No. 907                 Civil Service Commission                                  1975Valedictorian                                        Roosevelt
High School          AY 1968-69                                                           
San Juan, Metro
Third Prize, Nationwide Spelling           Private Schools Athletic Association    Contest                                                of the
Philippines                                           1968
Gold Medal Awardee as Best     Mathematician of the Year    for Two (2) Consecutive Years         Roosevelt
High School          AY 1967-68;

                                                                                                                        AY 1968-69Gold Medal Awardee as Best    Speller of the Year for Two    (2) Consecutive Years                      Roosevelt
High School          AY 1967-68;                                                                                                                        AY 1968-69Valedictorian                                       
La Paz Elementary School                    AY 1964-65
                                                            Umingan, Pangasinan


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